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Are SUV Rollovers Preventable?

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Did the tragic accident in Florida on Wednesday which killed several Arkansas residents result from a problem with steerability?    Did the Nissan Armada SUV have the design engineering to prevent this tragic accident?  Those are questions that remain to be answered.

According to the article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, the SUV went sideways and flipped three times after going into the median.  Current engineering capabilities have the ability to prevent this tragic type of accident.  Some vehicles are equipped with computers which sense when a driver is overcorrecting.  These computers prevent skids and the resulting rollovers.

We may never know what happened to cause this tragic accident unless a thorough investigation is undertaken.  First and foremost the vehicle needs to be secured so a team of experts can investigate the cause of the crash.  Law firms that specialize in automobile safety have the ability to do this type of investigation, usually at no cost to those injured, to see if all current safety standards were met. 

Sometimes crashes like this are not entirely the fault of the driver.  With modern technology, vehicles, if properly equipped, can prevent this tragic type of accident.  More needs to be done to require automobile manufacturers to comply with current safety technology.  The NHTSA should investigate this accident throughly to see what really happened…