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Truck Driver Admits Cocaine Use in Fatal Accident

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A truck driver responsible for the deaths of five members of the same family has admitted to the police that he falsified his records and used cocaine prior to the car accident. While driving his semi-truck on U.S. 425 near Pine Bluff he crossed over the center line and hit a car head on. All of the people in the car died at the scene.

Trooper Oscar Bullard Jr., who investigated the accident, said neither driver was speeding, the weather was clear and the roadway dry.

Reading from the affidavit from Whitmore, Hunter said Arkansas Highway Police searched the truck and found drug paraphernalia, which Whitmore identified as a crack pipe.

Witnesses reported that they saw the driver of the semi truck both pulled alongside the road asleep at the wheel and struggling to stay awake while driving. The police believe he did not have the proper amount of rest before driving.

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