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Chrissie Cole

Arkansas Boy Dies After Falling From School Bus

An 8-year-old boy has died after opening the emergency door of a Little Rock School District bus and falling out, authorities say. The bus was barely moving, but he fell onto the pavement and hit…

Chrissie Cole

Texting Driver Causes Accident In Little Rock

Robert Biggerstaff was on his way home when his vehicle was T-boned by a 21-year-old driver that admitted to police he was sending texts while driving.
The accident happened last month when the…

Frank Bailey

Auto Insurance Limits

We recently learned a person can purchase up to $100,000 in PIP or med pay coverage with your auto insurance. What a bargin. Mine only costs $57 per year for two vehicles. Everyone should get this…

Frank Bailey

Defective Valve Stems From China

Yet another Chinese import causes problems for Americans. The latest defective products are valve stems. Valve stems are the little black protrusions that are on the inside of each wheel and allow…

Frank Bailey

Do I Need An Attorney

Occasionally someone will ask me if they need an attorney for one thing or another. I inquire a little about their problem and usually respond that, “Yes they should consult with an attorney before…

Frank Bailey

Are SUV Rollovers Preventable?

Did the tragic accident in Florida on Wednesday which killed several Arkansas residents result from a problem with steerability? Did the Nissan Armada SUV have the design engineering to prevent…

Frank Bailey

Unsafe At Any Speed

The recent grounding of American Airlines’ planes is yet another reminder to me of how large corporations will cut corners for profit. Recently, my law partner, Sach Oliver, and I attended a…

Sach D. Oliver

Car Accidents Cause Herniated Disc

Motor vehicle accidents cause herniated disc. A disc is a structure that is found between the spinal vertebral bodies from the neck to the tailbone. Discs serves as cushions and help your spine move. A disc is composed of two parts the central part and the outer part. When someone is a car accident where the back is injured, it is common for them to suffer a herniated disc. A herniated disc is…

Frank Bailey

Seatbelts Can Fail

As much as we depend on seatbelts to save lives, you would think seatbelts would never fail. This is not always true. A jury in West Palm Beach Florida ordered Mitsubishe to pay $11,000,000 in damages to the parents of their 25 year old son Scott, who died after being partially ejected from a SUV made by Mitsubishi.Attorneys representing the family argued that Mitsubishi sold the SUV even…

Frank Bailey

Traumatic Brain Injury…The Unseen Harm

After a wreck, traumatic Brain Injury often goes undiagnosed in the Emergency Room. The doctors are worried about broken bones and other serious injuries and often overlook the most serious injury of all, traumatic brain injury (TBI). Every year, one in five hundred Americans have a TBI.Not long ago, unlike a broken bone or a herniated disc, most TBI was invisible. This made this type of case…