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Drew Dixon

Bicycle Safety Tips

When most people think of bicycle safety they think that wearing a helmet is sufficient. However, bike riders must also consider the danger of riding on roads prone to cars and trucks.

Drew Dixon

New Rule to Prevent Unneeded Insurance For Elderly and Disabled

A new Federal Rule proposed last week would limit the contact private health insurance companies could have with Medicare beneficiaries. Under the proposed Rule, agents of private health insurance companies would be barred from cold-calling, door-to-door solicitations, and from setting up tables used for pitching their policies outside hospital waiting rooms and pharmacies.

Drew Dixon

Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association Awards Sach Oliver Outstanding Young Lawyer

The Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association announced today that, Sach Oliver is the recipient of the organization’s 2008 Outstanding Young Lawyer Award.

Frank Bailey

Settlement in Autism Vaccine Case

A breakthrough in autism litigation may open the door for parents who have autistic children to recover for their child’s injuries. The government has reached a settlement with Terry and Jon Poling and conceded that the facts of that case meet the statutory criteria for demonstrating that the vaccinations their child received on July 19, 2000, significantly aggravated an underlying…

Frank Bailey

Trucking Companies Are Liable for Punitive Damage

Punitive damages against trucking companies may be imposed to punish the trucking company and to deter the trucking company and others from similar conduct. In order to recover punitive damages from a trucking company in Arkansas, a plaintiff must show that the trucking company knew or ought to have known; in the light of the surrounding circumstances that its conduct would naturally and…

Frank Bailey

Zetia May Cause Liver Damage

Are big drug companies hiding the results of unfavorable test in favor of profits? A recent article in the New York Times seems to indicate that is just what is happening. The New York Times writes:New evidence shows that the drug makers Merck and Schering-Plough have conducted several studies of their popular cholesterol medicine Zetia that raise questions about its risks to the liver, but…

Frank Bailey

How Allstate Insurance Company Treats Its Policyholders

Allstate Insurance Company continues to ignore a judge’s ruling to turn over papers. Facing a $25,000 a day fine, Allstate continues to disregard a Missouri judges order to turn the papers over. Allstate told the judge they will not turn over the papers no matter how much he fines them.Last month the Missouri Supreme Court ordered the papers turned over. Allstate still refused.I wonder what…

Frank Bailey

Is Cymbalta Safe

Cymbalta, duloxetine hydrochloride, was created by the same Eli Lilly researchers that were behind Prozac. David Wong and Frank Bymaster first published the discovery of the novel drug, then known as LY227942, in 1988. The scientist wrote, “These findings suggest that LY227942 has the pharmacological profile of an antidepressant drug and is useful to study the pharmacological responses of…

Frank Bailey

Nike Football Helmet Chin Straps Recall

On November 13, Nike recalled about 235,000 football helmet chin straps. The chin strap’s plastic cup can break as a result of contact, exposing the player to facial or head injuries. Like many toys that have been recently recalled these straps were made in China.Nike has received 18 reports of the chin strap breaking, including two reports of concussions, two reports of facial lacerations…

Jenny Albano

Remote Control Airplanes Recalled Due to Risk of Explosion and Hearing Damage

The CPSC, in cooperation with Estes-Cox Corp., are voluntarily recalling about 21,000 Sky Rangers Park Flyer Radio Control Airplanes. The airplanes are meant to be launched by hand and may explode near the consumer’s head. The explosion could pose a risk of hearing loss and injuries to the eyes, face, and hands.So far Estes-Cox has received 45 reports of the airplanes exploding. There have…