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Frank Bailey

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

America has to face the growing problem of caring for our frail elderly. All too often, our loved ones are mistreated and abused by underpaid overworked nursing home staff. It is time Americans address this horrendous problem by bringing to light the abuse anytime it is found.Just today I read about a terrible case of abuse and neglect that occurred in California. The article reminded me of…

Frank Bailey

Pressure Sores in Nursing Home Residents

Our frail elderly population is at risk to develop pressure sores in a nursing home environment unless certain rules and protocol are followed by the nursing home staff. Although most pressure sores can be prevented, far too many residents of nursing homes develop pressure sores which go untreated, leading to serious injury, infection and in severe cases death.In hospitals, the incidence of…

Frank Bailey

How To Discover Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

Nursing home abuse and neglect continues to turn our stomachs. When corporations put profit over people, our country is in a sad state. Our government appears to have little ability to end this problem. It is time for the families of nursing home victims of abuse and neglect to take a stand. Attorneys who are trained in nursing home cases can help to bring the abusive homes to their…

Shannon Weidemann

Wrongful Death Case Filed Against Parkview Nursing Home

A family is suing a Kentucky nursing home for wrongful death. It is the second wrongful death case brought against the same home in a month. The family alleges the man suffered nursing home abuse when he was in the care of the Parkview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in 2005. He accuses Parkview of accelerating Young’s physical deterioration “beyond that caused by the normal aging process”…