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Frank Bailey

Spinal Cord Injuries and New Treatments

Are cars really safer? We have seen so many people with serious spinal cord injuries resulting from head on collisions, I wonder if more can’t be done to make cars safer…
But that is for another…

Sach D. Oliver

Carnival Ride Collapses; 23 injured

Injuries of this nature usually cause more damage than what is detected at an emergency room screening. Spinal injuries from falling and being dragged may have long lasting effects and require extensive treatment. The seriousness of the spinal injury is something that should be taken seriously and should not be ignored.

Drew Dixon

Tackling in Football Can Lead to Injury

It is not often that it is a good thing when someone one is let go from their job; but in the case of Kevin Everett being released might truly be a blessing. The Buffalo Bills released Kevin Everett on Tuesday, clearing the way for the former tight end to receive disability benefits for the spinal cord injury that ended his career.