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Frank Bailey

Tractor-trailer Rig Causes Death

Just when I think Mountain Home, Arkansas is a safe place to live, reality strikes. Yesterday on Highway 62-412 about twenty five miles west of Mountain Home near the small town of Viola a man was…

Drew Dixon

Senate Blocks Bill on Pilot Truck Program

Members of the Senate voted and blocked a truck program that would have given 100 Mexican truck carriers an opportunity to have 500 trucks cross the border and transport goods on U.S….

Shannon Weidemann

Winslow Truck Driver Killed in Trucking Accident

A 57-year-old truck driver was killed when his semi-truck overturned on Arkansas Highway 59 South. The trucking accident happened near Siloam Springs. The truck was a feed truck for Tyson. The one-vehicle accident occurred at 6: 30 p. m. Wednesday about three miles south of Siloam Springs. It happened on a sharp curve and a steep hill just north of the Illinois River bridge. Emergency…

Shannon Weidemann

Hazmat Called for Windsor Trucking Accident

A trucking accident in Windsor, Connecticut closed down parts of Interstate 91 and required a Hazmat team to help clean up the scene. A dump truck hauling dirt overturned due to a flat tire. The truck then hit the center median and two light poles before tipping over. The dirt was contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals, and the scene was treated as a hazardous materials cleanup,…

Shannon Weidemann

Truck Collides With Train in Beauregard

A semi-truck was hit by a train in Beauregard and injured four people on Tuesday. The trucking accident occured as the semi-truck was attempting to cross the railroad crossing at Ampacet Drive. The crossing does not have gates or warning lights.When the 94-car train struck the 18-wheeler’s trailer, the trailer was ripped in half. The cab and half the trailer were dragged 287 feet down the…

Shannon Weidemann

Jackson County Tanker Truck in Accident

A Jackson County truck driver caused an accident on Highway 14E that sent his truck into a ditch. The trucking accident happened east of Newport. The driver of the truck hit a PT Cruiser. The truck traveled down the embankment and turned onto it’s side trapping Schulz in the cab of the truck. He was extricated from the vehicle by EMS and transported via Air Evac to UAMS in Little Rock.The…

Staff Writer

Truck Drivers need to Share the Road

ROGERS, ARKANSAS – Imagine driving from Bentonville to Little Rock. Now imagine doing that 12,600 times in an 80,000 pound vehicle and never causing an accident or getting into a fender bender. Wal-Mart truck driver Danny Ewell, who has logged 2.7 million miles without a preventable accident, was on hand Thursday at a safety event to help other drivers avert danger. “You actually won’t be able…

Staff Writer

Truck Accident Claims Man Bound For Little Rock

A tractor trailer accident killed a Kansas man today when the semi he was driving crashed into an overpass pillar on interstate 540 in Crawford County. Armin Brandhorst, a resident of Green, KS was hauling 90 hogs to Little Rock when authorities think he fell asleep at the wheel. Troopers believe Brandhorst overcorrected when he awoke to realize his vehicle was leaving the road.Law officers…