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We Can Help Build a Safer Helath Care System

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In June of 1998, the Quality of Health Care in America project was initiated by the Institute of Medicine. Its purpose was to develop a strategy that would improve the quality of care in the United States.
The Institute of Medicine found that each year, more than 98,000 Americans die because of medical mistakes. That is more than are killed on the highways. In addition, many more people suffer permanent and serious injuries.

These stunningly high rates of medical errors–resulting in deaths, permanent disability and unnecessary suffering -are unacceptable in a medical system that promises first to “do no harm.”
Recently we have seen brain surgeons operate on the wrong side of patient’s brains. We have read about hospitals giving babies 1000 times the proper amount of Heparin, a dangerous blood thinner.
According to the report by the National Academies’ Institute of Medicine, our nation’s health care industry has failed in its ability to provide safe, high-quality care consistently to all Americans. Reorganization and reform are urgently needed to fix a disjointed and inefficient system. As trial attorneys we believe the tort system can help wake up the medical industry to its errors and to begin to accept responsibility.
Lawyers know that not every bad outcome means that malpractice was committed. Doctors must be vigilant. Doctors must communicate with other health care providers. Doctors must rule out the most serious disease with what is known as a differential diagnosis. But, how is the public to know if malpractice has occurred?
Medical malpractice cases are complex and require the expertise of a lawyer who handles these types of cases. We have successfully handled these cases for over thirty years. If you have questions about the care you or a loved one received from the medical industry… doctors, hospitals, or nurses, we would be glad to answer your questions and maybe prevent someone else from being harmed.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the section on Medical Malpractice and Negligent Care.