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Bicycle Safety Tips

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When most people think of bicycle safety they think that wearing a helmet is sufficient. However, bike riders must also consider the danger of riding on roads prone to cars and trucks. With more and more people turning to bikes as the cost of gas increases, many cities like Little Rock continue to construct bike trails. However, there are places without crosswalks where people are expected to cross multiple lanes of traffic to continue on the trails. Therefore, it is important to follow these safety tips to ensure a safe ride.

• Try to keep your bike in good shape.

  • • Always let cars and people go first.
  • • Slow down and check traffic at all corners.
  • • Keep both hands on the handle bars except when doing turn signals.
  • • Walk across busy streets.
  • • Stay off busy streets.
  • And always remember to wear a helmet because most bike crashes result in injuries to the head. For more information on bicycle safety check out http://kidshealth.org/kid/watch/out/bike_safety.html.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons