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How To Discover Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

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Nursing home abuse and neglect continues to turn our stomachs. When corporations put profit over people, our country is in a sad state. Our government appears to have little ability to end this problem. It is time for the families of nursing home victims of abuse and neglect to take a stand. Attorneys who are trained in nursing home cases can help to bring the abusive homes to their feet.

Over the years we have allowed greed to invade the corporate structure in America. We read about CEO’s who make millions with golden parachutes while the workers, the people who do the work, only get minimum wages.

What are the signs of nursing home abuse and neglect? A bad odor is a good place to start. If the home doesn’t keep the residents clean, that is a sign of more serious abuse and neglect. Call lights unanswered for long periods of time because there is not enough staff to provide the care needed is another sign. It is up to a resident’s family to be vigilant and at the first sign of nursing home abuse and neglect contact an attorney trained in nursing home abuse and neglect.

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