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Wrongful Death Case Filed Against Parkview Nursing Home

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A family is suing a Kentucky nursing home for wrongful death. It is the second wrongful death case brought against the same home in a month. The family alleges the man suffered nursing home abuse when he was in the care of the Parkview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in 2005.

He accuses Parkview of accelerating Young’s physical deterioration “beyond that caused by the normal aging process” by injuring him with poor hygiene, causing a skin tear on his arm, bruising him, “rough handling” him and, among other things, failing to notify Young’s physician and family about his refusal of care.

Through various alleged acts of negligence, Lucas claims that officials at Good Shepherd caused Young to suffer with significant weight loss of 17 pounds in one month, infections, sepsis (blood poisoning caused by infection) pressure sores, abuse, Pneumonia, malnutrition, skin tears during transfers and a wound on his penis that was not treated.

The attorney for the family maintains that the nursing home did not have enough staff to handle the number of patients. The nursing home did not have a comment about the lawsuit.

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