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Carnival Ride Collapses; 23 injured

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State investigators were trying to determine what caused a spinning carnival ride at a county fair to collapse and injure 23 people.

The carnival ride, called the Yo-Yo, collapsed shortly after 6 p.m. Friday at the Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee, about 80 miles southeast of Sacramento, California.

The Yo-Yo ride has a series of metal arms extending from a center poll. A chair is attached to the end of each arm by a chain, and the arms and chairs swing outward as the machine spins and picks up speed.

The accident occurred when all of the arms and chairs suddenly collapsed, dragging the passengers on the ground until the machine finally came to a halt, according to witnesses.

All of the victims had been released from hospitals Saturday except for a 12-year-old girl listed in good condition, according to Sgt. Dave Seawell of the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department.

Injuries of this nature usually cause more damage than what is detected at an emergency room screening. Spinal injuries from falling and being dragged may have long lasting effects and require extensive treatment. The seriousness of the spinal injury is something that should be taken seriously and should not be ignored.