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Truck Collides With Train in Beauregard

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A semi-truck was hit by a train in Beauregard and injured four people on Tuesday. The trucking accident occured as the semi-truck was attempting to cross the railroad crossing at Ampacet Drive. The crossing does not have gates or warning lights.

When the 94-car train struck the 18-wheeler’s trailer, the trailer was ripped in half. The cab and half the trailer were dragged 287 feet down the tracks to directly behind CBG Used Cars, where it caught fire.

Morgan and his son, a passenger in the cab, were able to escape the cab. The two were transported to Beauregard Memorial Hospital, where they were treated for moderate injuries and released.

The train’s conductor and engineer were also injured in the accident. They both had minor injuries and were treated at a local hospital. The driver of the semi-truck was issued a citation for failure to yield.

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