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Child Killed on Carnival Ride in Hope

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A boy and his mother were riding a carnival ride when they were thrown from the ride and then hit by cars from the ride. They were both taken to a local hospital. The 7-year-old boy was transferred to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. He died from his injuries at the hospital.

The operator of the ride, Dewayne Mathis of Hope, said the accident occurred about a minute into the Sizzler’s ride sequence. He said that, after the two fell from the car they were riding in, they were struck by other cars of the ride before it came to a halt. He said that, though the motor driving the ride had been shut down, momentum kept the machinery moving.
Mathis said that, after the two were taken to the hospital, he inspected the ride car, and believes a pin that was supposed to secure the safety bar and doors came out of the hole that should have kept it in place. Mathis believes the initial jolt of motion when the ride started broke the spring-loaded mechanism free.

The ride is being inspected and a full investigation is taking place. The ride is not in use until it can be deemed safe.

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